Total renovation

House renovation

Planned renovation of your home? Great idea, because it provides many benefits. More comfort , luxury and a new look. And of course it also increases in value , interesting in the event of a sale.

The works themselves remain generally affordable, because the government is renovating and encouraging energy-saving measures. You enjoy financial benefits  that only apply to renovation. (And not for new construction.)

When is renovation recommended?


The electricity needs to be replaced

When you buy an (old) home, hidden defects almost always appear. You best renovate old electrical installations so that they meet current safety standards. Tip: take the opportunity to also replace the  floor covering  and (possibly) the bearing structure.  Be sure to also check the  power lines and see if they are suitable for current consumption.

Heating is outdated

You also do well to view the  heating boiler  . These days mainly  high-efficiency boilers are  used that are very energy efficient. A new boiler is an investment, but after a while you earn it back double.

Bathroom in a new outfit

Did you buy an old house and plan to renovate? Also think about  the bathroom , especially if you still use the original  version . Chances are that she needs to be replaced. You will of course as far as you want: v loer- and wall coverings , bathroom furniture, bath and / or shower … definitely check the ventilation in your bathroom and toilet, for which should meet the proposed standards.


Benefits of home renovation?

The value of the building increases

After the renovation you will live in a  brand new house  that is better insulated and meets the latest energy standards. From now on, you live in an energy-efficient way and you will also notice this on the energy bill. Renovating  means taking into account the future and ensures a long-term solution. Additional benefit? The value of your home increases considerably so that you get more money in the event of a sale.

7 more golden tips

  • Get maximum information
  • Set up a realistic budget
  • View what you can possibly do yourself
  • Make a schedule
  • Only work with professionals
  • Agree on a clear end date
  • Follow up permanently

Planned home renovation?

Renovating a  house, villa, house or terraced house  is specialist work and is best left to knowledgeable people. Are you looking for a partner who will steer your renovation from A to Z in the right direction? A specialized partner who leaves nothing to chance? Then contact us today  for more information or request a free quote.

Renovation house, farmhouse or mansion? We choose the right action plan for each project.


The many benefits of a home renovation

  • Enjoy premiums and tax benefits that are not possible with new construction
  • Gain an added value on your home in the event of a sale
  • Create the home of your dreams, entirely to your wishes