Catriona MacKenzie

Absolutely really happy with all work done so far. Professional and a great price for all jobs taken. We are having our whole house redone, and more than willing to recommend.

Stevey Blew

I personally have had great working relationship with this company, It’s a breath of fresh air also to see a Facebook site that is open and transparent. Some sites are closed and hence all reviews and posts are vetted by the admins. This is not one of those sites which shows a great deal of integrity on its behalf. It’s just such a shame that from what I see there are people who have personal issues on this site making obviously unfounded and quite low comments to try and undermine the integrity, it’s not only sad it is in my mind a form of harassment and aimed to be detrimental. This is clearly a breach of facebooks terms and conditions and if admin do not wish to report it then I will do so. It’s a very very sad state of affairs when people are as vindictive and unsubstantiated in claims to cause nothing other than personal vendetta against individuals. Personally I find it quite disgusting and low. I reiterate I have no issues with this company and I have many other people I know personally whom also highly recommend it.