Roof renovation

One of the first steps in a total renovation is to renew your roof. A well-insulated roof saves energy and that results in a lower energy bill. Apart from that, your house increases in value and it gets a new view from the sky.

When renovating your roof, you take into account various factors: type of roof, insulation, roofing material, roof gutter material, etc. Much depends of course on the function or purpose of your attic if you have a sloping roof. What are the most important criteria? And which choices do you make?

Roofing: the most important parts

A roof consists of different parts, especially today.

1. Roof structure

The roof structure forms the framework of your roof. It is usually a traditional structure made of wood, but you can also use prefab roof trusses. Tip: give the roof timber a protective and moisture-resistant layer. And choose the right wood type and distance between the battens.

2. Roof insulation

Old houses sometimes lack accommodation. Time for action, because insulation is / will become an absolute must. The shelter takes care of this, so that the heat from inside does not escape and no cold or moisture enters from outside. In combination with the correct ventilation, roof insulation ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

Everyone wants to save energy today. For the environment or for your own wallet. The investment also pays off in the long term. Especially when you design the attic as a hobby room, guest room or extra bedroom.

3. Roof covering

Do you have a sloping roof and do you choose roof tiles (ceramic or concrete)? Or would you prefer to see natural slates or artificial slates ? Or do you have a flat roof with roofing ? These are all matters that you have to lay your egg on beforehand. When choosing the roof covering you also have to take into account the length and slope of the roof. The ridge finish is also important, especially for watertightness.

4. Gutters

Even for the gutters you get the choice of a lot of options. Hanging or baking gutter? Which material? Think carefully before you start working on the gutters .

Points for attention? The drain pipes must be wide enough and a bit off the wall. This way you avoid damp walls when a leak occurs. Also consider leaf catchers, ball grilles and other things to prevent blockages.

The many benefits of a roof renovation

  • Strengthen the skeleton of your home
  • Improve the insulation of your roof
  • Create a roof that matches the style of your home

Roof renovation with Belisol Renovations?

Can you no longer see the trees through the forest? Feel free to ask your renovation coordinator for advice. We provide you with customized advice and guarantee a perfect roof, completely finished according to your wishes. Nice and warm in the winter, and nice and cool during hot summer days. Because a roof renovation is always an important part of your total renovation.