We also offer a renovation project for 7 000 euro, located in the village of Dobrolevo, Vratsa district.

A solid house on one floor plus underground cellar in a quiet, rural place. The village offers all the necessary facilities – shops, post office, bar and regular bus services, kinder garden and a school.

The house will make an ideal home, either holiday, or full-time, for a big family, or a single person, who wants to invest in it. The house will need to be made comfortable, and to fit the buyers’ desired standard of living. The roof is in good condition. Total size of the plot 1250sq.m., including a house of 99sq.m., a small house 45sq.m., an old barn of 82 sq.m. and two old outbuildings , one used as an outside toilet and the other small one used as a storage. The smaller house on one floor has a glass covered veranda and includes a small kitchen, bathroom and one room. In the main house there is a big entry room and four other rooms. All rooms have wooden flooring except one which has an old-fashioned terracotta. The ceilings are high and all rooms have double wooden windows. From outside the house seems small but when you enter it is quite spacious. The cellar is completely under the ground and makes the perfect wine cooler, because it is dry and keeps almost the same temperature during the whole year, also can be turned into underground floor of the house. There is plenty of space to park in front of the house, because it is situated on a cross road. There is a small access gate from the main street to the property and a vehicle access gate from the next street.

Information about the village:

Region: North-Western planning region of Bulgaria
District: Vratsa district
Municipality: Borovan municipality
Area Size: 34.115km2
Population: 868 people (31.12.2013)
Postal Code: 3253
Phone Code: 09131