Facade renovation

Give your house a new look or protect it against external influences ? With a facade renovation, you can kill two birds with one stone . The facade of your home will also have to endure a lot over the years: cold, rain and wind. And then we remain silent about air pollution. That is why facade renovation is always part of a total renovation.

In most cases it is sufficient to clean the outside wall with normal water. But sometimes a more professional renovation is necessary.

Types of cladding facade renovation


Types of cladding

Renovate your facade? Then you first choose from a wide range of materials: from wood to metal, plastic or other materials. Make the right choice based on the condition of your façade, weather resistance, insulation value, maintenance, durability, finishing, … Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Which façade coverings are there?

  1. Wood
  2. Wood composite
  3. Glass
  4. Metal
  5. Brick
  6. Slates
  7. Facade cement
  8. Plastering


Belisol Renovations has all the expertise to restore your facade 100%. Depending on the cladding, degree of soiling and for the best result, the following techniques can be applied:

  • Sandblasting: small grains of sand are sprayed onto the house façade under pressure, which sand away the dirty layers. Most preferred for brick facades.
  • Spray blasting: comparable to sand blasting, but under less high pressure.
  • Steam cleaning: for example, to remove paint from facades that are still in reasonable condition. Via a high pressure cleaner or steam generator.
  • Regret: torn or porous joints allow moisture to enter the wall, creating barts.
  • Façade impregnations: recommended to maintain the look and feel of the façade in case of moisture problems; after cleaning, a colorless impregnation layer is applied that prevents water from entering.

Why renovate your facade?

The facade protects your home against weather conditions (eg hail, snow, etc.) and forms a buffer between your house and the street. And he insulates your house. Keeping as much heat as possible in and keeping the cold out, that’s what it’s all about. Your profit? Your heating runs less and your consumption drops. And of course you notice that on the energy bill as well.

Wear and tear occurs on old buildings . For example, concrete starts to crumble over time or the reinforcement starts to rust. More façade problems? Cracks, cracks, etc. … In that case, the facade is restored to its former glory.

Benefits facade renovation

  • A new, beautiful look for your home
  • Thorough cleaning of your facade
  • Reinforcement and insulation of your facade structure
  • Prevention, so that larger problems are avoided later
  • Much better protected against the weather
  • Energy saving
  • The value of the home increases in value

Have Belisol Renovations carry out facade renovation?

Joints, filling in gaps, stucco, plastering, façade cleaning (eg sandblasting), … We carry out all works to give your façade a second life. For new construction or old buildings . Our façade team guarantees minimal disruption during and after the works. Calculate the price of your facade renovation? Ask your renovation coordinator about this.

Belisol Renovations has been a specialist in facade renovations for years. Of course we always work thoroughly, always go for top quality and not only tackle the façade itself, but also the cause. The result: again a solid facade, a nicer house and a home that has increased in value.

Need advice for your facade? We send an expert who records the state and tells you the options and their cost. Big advantage of a renovation coordinator? He looks at the bigger picture and coordinates all interventions. For an optimal total renovation.

The many benefits of a facade renovation

  • Redefine the full style and look of your home
  • Give your home a thorough cleaning
  • Improve the load-bearing strength and insulation of your facade structure