Living space

An extension is always an added value for your home. Whatever you use it for, regardless of the purpose of the construction in question, an extra part at or next to your current home not only means more room for yourself to spend in, it will also entail a substantial upgrade for your property. What can you use this extension for? Well, what did you think of a living space, for example?

Extra living space for your hobbies

Maybe you are a musician and you play an instrument? Or maybe you are the quieter type and would like to read a book from time to time? Then an extension is ideal. You can design this piece entirely according to your own wishes and requirements. Everything is customized. We make a design that fits perfectly into the existing situation and reinforces the whole of your garden and home.

But … an extension is not only easy to place all your hobbies, it can also serve the following purposes:

  • As a playroom for your children (you are not bothered by noise and you save a lot of space because of the absence of toys)
  • As an extra living room (with second television, so that you and your partner can each watch their own program if necessary)
  • As a home office (so you don’t have to integrate it with your living room or other space, so you save a lot of space again)

Extra living space for …

… indeed, an extension is good for just about every purpose you have in mind. Ranging from a carport to a pool house, from a terrace roof to a jacuzzi roof, from an outside ear to a guesthouse, from a stable to a shelter, from garden constructions to an outdoor kitchen, from an orangery to whatever you want.

Belisol Renovations share in your extra living space?

  • A seamless connection with the rest of your home, so that you get a beautiful whole
  • A luxurious and comfortable finish, from the electrical work to the installation of the windows
  • A price tag that adapts to your budget and not the other way around
  • A team of employees who understand your needs and process them in the final result

Choosing Belisol Renovations means choosing quality at an attractive price-quality ratio!

The many benefits of a living space renovation

  • Create extra living space for your hobbies or children
  • Build a home office on your home where you can work undisturbed
  • Increase the area and increase the value of your home


You have certainly thought about it or even dreamed about it: a porch at home. And that is not entirely illogical, since a porch offers you many advantages throughout the seasons of the year. During the colder winter months you can relax with a hot drink in the hand of your view, during the warmer summer months you can enjoy a delicious lemonade with a good book.

The porch and its many benefits

A porch is an extra space that fits in with your garden. You can enjoy the green aspect of your home, where you can certainly unwind after a busy working day or during weekends when you have some time for yourself. The major benefits of a porch are the following:

  • Thanks to the view to your garden you enjoy great light
  • You have a lot of sun, because a garden is often located on the south side
  • Because the porch is directly connected to your house, you also enjoy extra warmth here, for free and for nothing
  • No heat is lost, since a veranda can be closed with doors
  • Your home has an extra space and you enjoy added value

Enjoy your porch

A porch is the place to be to relax, where you can drop the pressure off your shoulders. Do you sometimes need time for yourself? Then a veranda can be the perfect place to escape from the daily bustle.
Being able to fully relax is accompanied by the installation of the necessary accessories, which Belisol Renovations is happy to provide. For example, what did you think of the following elements?

  • A ventilation system
  • A sunblind
  • High efficiency glass

Moreover, these elements do not constitute a superfluous luxury, since all three ensure that you can relax in your veranda throughout the year. Less heat is lost, but less heat comes in: isn’t that exactly what you want to achieve? And of course there is the design that deserves the necessary attention. This also partly determines the shape and structure of your porch! Belisol Renovations is happy to help you with the structure and layout, no matter how you envisage your dream veranda. You provide the inspiration, we provide the implementation!

The many benefits of a change renovation

  • Also enjoy the outside environment during cold winter months
  • Provide a space in your home with a maximum of light
  • Create added value on your home by adding extra space


Outbuildings always come in handy. You can do anything with it, for whatever purpose you want to assign it. Belisol Renovations is therefore happy to assist you during the realization of this annex, which forms a nice extra space and added value for your current home. Are you planning renovation work in the future? Then an extension is definitely worth considering!

An extension in a nutshell

An extension, when you hear the word, what do you think of? Belisol Renovations knows from experience that this is often a garden house. A place where you can store your garden materials and accessories. Your garden chairs and matching cushions, a grass machine, tools and so on: such space is always handy!
But did you know that a garden house is just a type of extension? Of course it is one of the options and a common one too, but additions can also serve entirely different purposes:

  • Carports
  • Poolhouses
  • Sanding
  • Utility kitchens
  • Verandas
  • Patios

Moreover, they can be erected in various materials. Wood is the most used material and also very beautiful, which often uses oak. But … wood is not the only option when it comes to your extension, on the contrary! Do you want to match this extra space perfectly with your home? Then you can also choose from stone and metal: something for every taste.

An extension and its benefits

Are you still doubting an extension to your home? Then you should take a look at the benefits below. Your doubts are guaranteed to be a thing of the past!

  • Your home will get a substantial added value
  • They offer you luxury and comfort
  • Outbuildings are already possible with small budgets
  • An outbuilding forms a separate room that completely isolates you from any disturbing factors
  • Many variants of outbuildings, such as pool houses, garden houses, carports, utility rooms and so on

The many benefits of an extension

  • Create a storage place to free up space in your home
  • Build a separate room that offers the necessary privacy and tranquility
  • Gain added value on your home with an additional, separate building


Do you have renovations in the pipeline? Then Belisol Renovations is your partner in crime. Why? Because we offer many building solutions, so that we can turn your wishes into a perfect result. Even if you want a residential extension! We will be happy to discuss your requirements and the options for your home with you. Belisol Renovations not only guarantees you a perfect result, but also flawless advice: you will be amazed by what we have in store for you!

Expansion in the form of an extension

This form of expansion is ideal for those who want to experience little trouble with their expansion. The house is left undisturbed and if it still needs to be opened, it can be closed again in no time. Belisol Renovations prides itself on its customer-friendly total solutions, which means that you are assured of the least possible inconvenience.

An extension can be considered for, for example, a home office, a dining area, a hobby room, a playroom and so on. An annex for, for example, a pool house, a hobby room, an orangery, a care home and much more. Depending on the purpose of the expansion, we discuss the various options with you and we are happy to work out a customized offer.

Expansion in the form of an extra floor or intermediate floor

These two options may sound less familiar to you, but they are very popular. An extra floor can be used for various purposes, including a bathroom, bedrooms, hobby rooms, a playroom and much more. The benefits of such an extra floor or congestion are the following:

  • It is a relatively cheap way to create extra space
  • It offers extra appearance to your home
  • This form of expansion is ideal if you enjoy few expansion options

An intermediate floor or mezzanine can be used for the same purposes, but provides a completely different look for your home. Your benefits?

  • Fully customized, depending on the final destination
  • Fast installation and finishing to your own taste
  • Great contribution to your interior

The many benefits of an extension

  • Expand your home in comfort by leaving your current living space undisturbed
  • Create more facilities and more options for your home
  • Gain added value on your home by providing extra space
  • Give your home a more impressive look thanks to a larger size