About us

Our approach: renovate without stress

“Renovation without stress”, that is Belisol Renovations ‘s motto. No stress for you and no stress for us: all the hassle that comes with a renovation is completely taken over from you. And thanks to our expertise, we know how to tackle every step of the renovation process carefree and hassle-free.

Belisol Renovations is a team of  specialized professionals from all sectors of the construction and renovation world,  which ensures  perfect  coordination and implementation of your renovation . This for both private individuals and companies that wish to renovate throughout Flanders!

Why renovate with Belisol Renovations?


Our approach shows exactly why stress is not part of your renovation work. Our signature consists of a few key concepts that powerfully summarize the essence of our method:

  • Transparency : at Belisol Renovations you are involved in every aspect of your renovation work. Unpleasant surprises are out of the question: our renovation plan sketches a clear overview of the entire project and can always be followed up by any partner via our digital platform.
  • Professionalism : through damage and disgrace, we know how to solve every possible problem effortlessly and, more importantly, prevent it. In addition, we apply strict criteria when choosing our partners and we ensure that every contractor is in financial health and has the necessary resources to deliver quality.
  • Customer-oriented customization : our experience in various projects tells us that every renovation is different. At Belisol Renovations you can count on a listening ear that advises tailored to your project.
  • Cost saving : working with a renovation coordinator can save you a lot of expenses. Our economies of scale lead to favorable quotes that we also thoroughly discuss with you. A lower price tag is the result.

Do not hesitate to discover how our benefits translate into your project and contact us  for more information.

Contractors wanted

Belisol Renovations is an excellent reference in the construction and renovation world. We therefore only offer our customers the cream of the crop and we always aim only at realizing all their plans and ideas. To ensure that renovation projects run smoothly from start to finish, we work together with the very best in their field, including contractors with a heart for renovations.

Are you a contractor and do you share our passion for renovation work? Do you want to be part of both large and small-scale projects full of challenges? Do you have the necessary know-how and experience to achieve 100% customer satisfaction? Then Belisol Renovations would like to meet you in person for a further introduction. After all, we are constantly looking for contractors who want to work with us and who know how to approach.

Your personality? A mix of punctuality and strictness, reliability, empathy, creativity and professionalism. Your professional attitude? Up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the construction and renovation world, experienced and independent. Do you recognize yourself in this? Do not hesitate and contact us via the contact form below. See you soon!